The Errant Logbook: Farming and Trading in ArcheAge

When I ended my first steps post, my character was sitting in a field, waiting for crops to mature. Let’s pick up right there, or rather, slightly before it. We are Farmers While grinding out quests, I discovered a new one marked with a strange new icon – a pair of green leaves. Curious, I approached the…

ESO and the Resurgence of the Social Economy

A few days ago I was speaking with TESO Elite’s Garbrac as he wrote his own article on the economics of The Elder Scrolls Online. We had just learned that public guild stores were only to be available through keep ownership, a limitation we both agreed will prove severely limiting towards the ability of guilds to hawk their wares to the general public. Over the course of our discussion, we agreed that the lack of accessibility to sellers and lack of predictability to buyers will ultimately see the public guild stores become a lesser-used facet of the game’s economy; a more expanded discussion on this subject can be found in his article, which I recommend reading before continuing as the article below is heavily based on the line of reasoning outlined therein.