The Errant Penman on Crowfall at Ten Ton Hammer

I recently had a chat with Lewis Burnell over at Ten Ton Hammer about Crowfall and what exactly it is that has us so excited for it. In the piece below we talk the game, the genre, and what we want for Crowfall’s future.

Crafting with Variable Stat Materials, Part II – Community Roundup Edition

In my previous post, I revisited one of my favorite features of Star Wars Galaxies renowned crafting system, variable stat materials, giving a quick overview of what the system entails and why it would be a great system for ArtCraft Entertainment to adopt within Crowfall‘s still emerging crafting system. Unbeknownst to me, yet decidedly beknownst to certain members of the Crowfall community, a…

Hobo Gamer: Crowfall

By now, even those of you living under a rock have likely encountered the next game in my Hobo Gamer series – Crowfall, the new upcoming MMO currently under development by ArtCraft Entertainment. Having just completed its Kickstarter with abundant success, Crowfall now enters the long march into serious development, with fans – particularly those from old-school PvP…

Crowfall: Eppur si muove

Early this morning the Kickstarter for Crowfall, ArtCraft Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG, reached its close, seeing nearly 17,000 backers push it to achieve over double the requested funding, arriving solidly in place as the 15th most funded video game in Kickstarter history after earning total pledges just shy of $1.8 million.