How MMO Quests Get it All Wrong

My personal feelings on the state of PvE leveling in MMORPG may best be summed up by an article I found while in the middle of writing the one I’m about to link. In his article titled PvE Leveling is a Waste of Time, The MMO Bro bemoans the quest grind as an unnecessary time-sink spent of low-quality content placed in front the players before they can access ‘the real game’, an opinion that’s grown increasingly popular over the years.
My article isn’t about how miserable the standard quest grind is, but rather the reason it’s bad to begin with. With all of the resources recent MMOs have devoted towards improving the questing experience, you’d think they would have gotten better by now, right? Not when there’s a fundamental part of the way modern MMOs are designed holding them back.

Hobo Gamer: The Secret World

With my Hobo Gamer series becoming increasingly dominated by unreleased sandboxes, I wanted to take a moment to switch gears to write about an actually released themepark – The Secret World. I have played the game on and off for awhile now, and while the game embodies much of what I feel is fundamentally wrong with the modern…