Building Survival Gameplay as an MMO Social System

One of the more surprising developments in my recent check-in with Crowfall was just how much the game’s starting experience feels like a survival title these days. Now that’s not to say that it doesn’t also feel like an MMO, but from the very beginning, when you start with nothing and have to forage to craft your first items, to the very end, when neglecting your hunger meter can severely impact your gameplay, the influence of the burgeoning survival genre can be felt. Even knowing it would be there, just how prominently it features still managed to take me by surprise.

Checking in with Crowfall’s Big World

It was March, 2015. The beginnings of what would turn out to be a prolonged contraction of game development in the MMO space were starting to become apparent, and the throbbing disappointments from the rote, development via mad-lib style themeparks of the past were still fresh in mind. I looked desperately for something new – and that’s when Crowfall made its debut.

Trading in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms

Despite their mechanics still being fairly unclear, there’s an extraordinary amount of excitement circling Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms, with a significant portion of the game’s current fan base looking to capitalize – quite literally – on the economic side-game developing these kingdoms is supposed to bring. A lot of discussion has taken place on how this could come about, so here’s my speculative take on what trading could look like in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms.

PvE in the Dying Worlds

I recently participated in a thread on the official Crowfall forums polling the community about their hopes for PvE in the game, and while I did share some of my thoughts in that thread, I found the topic interesting enough to bear revisiting in greater detail. Much has been made of Crowfall‘s PvP focus, but very little has been…

Crafting with Variable Stat Materials, Part II – Community Roundup Edition

In my previous post, I revisited one of my favorite features of Star Wars Galaxies renowned crafting system, variable stat materials, giving a quick overview of what the system entails and why it would be a great system for ArtCraft Entertainment to adopt within Crowfall‘s still emerging crafting system. Unbeknownst to me, yet decidedly beknownst to certain members of the Crowfall community, a…

Hobo Gamer: Crowfall

By now, even those of you living under a rock have likely encountered the next game in my Hobo Gamer series – Crowfall, the new upcoming MMO currently under development by ArtCraft Entertainment. Having just completed its Kickstarter with abundant success, Crowfall now enters the long march into serious development, with fans – particularly those from old-school PvP…