Player Conflict in Ashes of Creation’s Virtual World

In Ashes of Creation’s world, nations will ebb and flow and rise and fall, their vicissitudes commensurate with the greatness or insignificance of the players who comprise them. The actions of friends and foes alike will carve the history of the game’s worlds – and that’s the very specific part of Ashes of Creation I’d like to unpack today. It’s not just the actions of friends that will shape your experience, but enemies as well.


Announcing Ashen Foundry!

I’m excited to announce that we’re finally ready to unveil the next Foundry site, Ashen Foundry. As many of you are aware, I got my start as a content creator over at Tamriel Foundry in the years leading up to the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, and I’m excited to be ‘getting the gang…

From The Ashes Episode 9: Taking Stock

From The Ashes Episode 9: Taking Stock – The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bare witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind! This week, Aggelos is joined once…

The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast Episode 12: Swipe Right

The Dungeon Crawlers Episode 12: Swipe Right – The MMORPG News and Discussion Podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join us as we cast light on the depths of online multiplayer gaming and bring you the latest news, lively genre meta discussions, and heated debates about the RPGs and MMORPGs that we so love! This week,…

From The Ashes Episode 8: The Race For Hegemony

This week, Aggelos, Isarii (@ethanmacfie), and Davlos, author of Nodes & Nationhood: Player Political Organization in Ashes of Creation return for another Phoenix Roundtable to continue their discussion on the implications of geopolitics and how they could related to Ashes of Creation!