Warcraft: The Movie [Review]

I’ve just returned from viewing the film adaptation of Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re probably already aware that the movie has been confounding critics around the world, resulting in its current less than inspiring 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Isarii and the Eldritch Horror of Ikea

I awoke this morning of heavy mind. Though my night’s rest had amounted to the perfunctory level of sleep demanded by a human body, the events of the day to come had taken their toll upon my resting psyche. In the waning hours of the preceding day, a sinister presence had invaded my living space, its cubic form the specter of labor future. As I gazed upon its shadowed visage, the cube, antagonized by the insolence of my resentful gaze, carried out a vicious attack upon my muddled mind. I would require supplies for the events ahead.

My Evolving Relationship with Sports of the “e” Variety and Otherwise

The Heroes of the Dorm finals are in just a few weeks, and I’m locking down my plans to attend the live event. Now I know what you’re thinking – “but Isarii, you’ve only written one thing about eSports and that basically amounted to ‘please stop putting it in my MMOs!’”  Well, you’re not wrong.…


My Long Personal Nightmare of Productivity is at an End

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am, in fact, not dead. As some may remember, several months ago I set off across the country in search of adventure, setting aside gaming for awhile to focus on things like finding a job and growing a new group of friends in a far away place. This…


Guardians of the Galaxy: I’ve Never Had So Much Fun Being Bored to (Fake) Death

This week Marvel debuted the newest entrant to its blockbusting money machine of a film library, and in a turn of events that surprised no one, it has been received with high praise and record shattering success. So how does the movie hold up? No spoilers ahead. The Fun No one is going to deny that the movie is fun,…


Questing IRL: On the Oregon Trail

As my blog feed has fallen silent as of late, regular readers may be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. Given that I foresee the dry stretch continuing for a bit longer, I feel the question is worth addressing; where has Isarii been? I’ll answer this in my first post in the incredibly nerdily named…