The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 006: She’s Legal Now

This week, the crew talks about the EverQuest turning 18 years old and the future of the EverQuest franchise, World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 and its iLvL scaling ninja patch, more news on Ashes of Creation’s node system, Secret World Legends relaunch and details, and why lockboxes are acceptable in Heroes of the Storm 2.0.

The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 005: Xbox Eunuchs

This week, the crew talks about the official launch of Albion Online, Conan Exiles having its manhood removed, the relaunch of The Secret World, New Survival Sandbox MMO – Rend, Ashes of Creation’s Developer Blog “A World With Consequences”, and Shards Online gets rebranded!

Tales of Tamriel, Ep 133: Return to Morrowind

Hype thrusters are set to maximum after The Elder Scrolls Online‘s first expansion was announced earlier this week, so I’m headed back to Tales of Tamriel for what’s certain to be some lively discussion on what we learned about the game’s future. After sharing our in game adventures for the week and diving far deeper…

The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 002: Too Much Salt

This week, the crew gets discusses some of the latest news in the MMORPG genre including Ashes of Creations Seasons First Look, Final Fantasy XIV Live Action TV Show, World of Warcraft’s Tarren Mill vs Southshore, Conan Exiles Enters Early Access, and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Expansion Announcement.