Hobo Gamer: Albion Online

Hobo Gamer: Albion Online

The next game in my Hobo Gamer series is Albion Online, the hardcore PvP focused sandbox MMORPG currently in development by Sandbox Interactive. Albion Online hearkens back to the days of MMOs old, with its most obvious influences stemming from Ultima Online and RuneScape Classic, in addition to little bits of EVE Online appearing throughout the game’s systems. The echoes of these games can…

Hobo Gamer: Crowfall

Hobo Gamer: Crowfall

By now, even those of you living under a rock have likely encountered the next game in my Hobo Gamer series – Crowfall, the new upcoming MMO currently under development by ArtCraft Entertainment. Having just completed its Kickstarter with abundant success, Crowfall now enters the long march into serious development, with fans – particularly those from old-school PvP…


Hobo Gamer: A Fresh Look at Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 recently announced its expansion, and although the game has earned its fair share of my criticism in the past, suddenly, its relatively progression-free endgame held some appeal, as I would no longer run the risk of falling behind from patch-to-patch if gaps emerged in my play-schedule; would ArenaNet’s updates to the game, coupled with my evolved needs as a consumer, be enough for the game to now hold my interest? It was time to find out.

The Secret World - Creepy Carnival

Hobo Gamer: The Secret World

With my Hobo Gamer series becoming increasingly dominated by unreleased sandboxes, I wanted to take a moment to switch gears to write about an actually released themepark – The Secret World. I have played the game on and off for awhile now, and while the game embodies much of what I feel is fundamentally wrong with the modern…

ArcheAge - Sail Boat

Hobo Gamer: Black Desert vs ArcheAge

After finishing my recent Hobo Gamer posts on Black Desert and ArcheAge, I couldn’t help but find myself comparing the two games in what turned out to be a challenging struggle to crown a victor, and it sounds like I’m hardly alone in attempting to make the comparison. This comparison was inevitable. Both games share strong similarities in objective, but…

ArcheAge - Gliding

Hobo Gamer: ArcheAge

With the ode to sandboxes that was my last post completed, it seemed it was time to return to my Hobo Gamer series with another sandbox entrant – ArcheAge. Originally developed by XLGames, ArcheAge has already been released in Korea and Russia, while its English language port is currently in its alpha state with Trion as the publisher. As gamers…