My Fallout 4 Moral Dilemma

So I’m a few days into my first experience with the Fallout franchise. I’m not really sure why it took this long to happen. I like post-apocalyptic settings; I like Bethesda games; so you’d think Skyrim with mutant rats and guns would have happened a lot earlier. Oh well. Regardless of how late I am to the…

What are eSports like live? A layman’s trip to Heroes of the Dorm

Competitive gaming and eSports have emerged from their pupal shells as a burgeoning industry over the last few years, quickly carving out a space for themselves in the mainstream entertainment media. It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago when America was collectively baffled by Heroes of the Dorm, Heroes of the Storm’s collegiate level competition, debuting on ESPN2. Since that groundbreaking moment, eSports from around the world have progressed by leaps and bounds, with the market now attracting high profile investors like Mark Cuban who are ready to capitalize on the growing potential.

Curious to learn more about the emerging eSports phenomenon, I hopped in my truck and headed for this year’s Heroes of the Dorm finals in Seattle to answer the titular question: what are eSports like live?

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

I’ve always been wary of games that try to tackle historical events, because they rarely seem to get their subject matter right. There’s something disrespectful about historical games like the early Call of Duty titles, which placed players into real wars that real people fought and died in, exploiting those experiences by transforming them into mindless entertainment for the…


I recently played through Oxenfree, yet another game set in my Cascadian home that plays to the sinister magic of the region; whatever keeps the Californians from moving here, I suppose.

Minimally Multiplayer Gaming Adventures: Aviary Attorney, 80 Days, Life is Strange, and Firewatch

In a departure from my usual gaming preferences, I’ve been playing a lot of non-MMOs recently. A cynic might attribute this to the disappointing nature of recent trends in MMO development, but I’m choosing to take the high road instead. Whatever the cause, I’ve had a good time broadening my horizons. Check out the first post on my new section for non-MMO games.