A Return to Tamriel and Podcasting News

Although I normally try to stick to content that leans more towards article content than blog content, today’s post is going to be unabashedly bloggy. I’ve been up to a lot stuff recently that hasn’t shown up on The Errant Penman yet, so I bundled it all up into a single post tackling it all at once. Read on for an MMO update, fan site work, and links to podcast appearances both past and future!


The Continuing Adventures of Pay-to-Win Apologists: Black Desert Edition

A few months ago I briefly touched on the troubling and frustrating trend of gaming consumers becoming increasingly accepting of pay-to-win systems in MMORPGs following my reading of a terrific op-ed on the subject at MassivelyOP. The most ubiquitous pay-to-win defenses trotted out by its apologists center on whittling away at the scope of its definition with the introduction of…

Understanding Revival

I’ve been trying to make sense of Revival for the better part of a year now, largely because so many of the people invested in it tend to like the same games as me. The more I read about the features, the more Revival sounds like something I should cover in my Hobo Gamer series, and I keep trying to do…