A Look Through IGN’s 15 Minutes of Alpha Zero Gameplay

A great fifteen minutes of Ashes of Creation footage from the game’s ongoing Alpha Zero test was posted on IGN this week, and it made for some serious eye candy. It’s still very early in the game’s life cycle at this point, but check out the video above for an early glimpse into how the game is coming along and continue on to check out my full discussion of the footage over on Ashen Foundry.

A fifteen minute glimpse behind the veil into Ashes of Creation’s ongoing Alpha Zero gameplay test was just posted over on IGN, offering a fresh look at the current state of the MMO’s basic gameplay and a number of different environmental biomes.

The video is worth a watch for the various biomes alone, as though we’ve seen many of these before, this playthrough provides an on-the-ground look of the world that’s more representative of how they look in gameplay then environmental fly-bys, and you’re likely to see some areas you haven’t seen before in the process.

The clip opens with a Mage, set to be our protagonist for the duration, doing battle against man’s most ancient foe: the mushroom. Ever since humanity first crawled from the depths of our nascent cave dwellings and discovered the concept of poison, our struggle against shroomkind has raged on. Based on the evidence in the video, it would seem that humanity’s journey to Verra provided no respite for our beleaguered travelers.

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