Let’s Play | Albion Online, Ep 09: Tier 5 Group Expedition // Now with Bonus vid!

Episode 9 of my Albion Online Galahad Beta Let’s Play series.

Today we’re headed into our second group expedition. The one we checked out in episode 8 was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to hop into the next one. So after I farmed some fame off camera, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

If you’re enjoying the series so far, be sure to hit head over to YouTube to hit those like and subscribe buttons. Yes, we’re all tired of hearing that, but it really does help.



Bonus video!

At the end of the main episode, I was a little disappointed by the lack of difficulty in the expedition we checked out. When I queued up for it again the next day though, I found myself in a different instance – one the entire original group had abandoned at the final boss. Here’s how that fight went down.


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