Let’s Play | Mass Effect Andromeda, Ep 01: A Bit of Rambling About ME:A

The first and likely only episode of my Mass Effect: Andromeda Let’s Play. Mass Effect is a really important franchise to me, with its original trilogy holding the distinction of being my favorite games of all time – no qualifications necessary.

The latest entrant to the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, has gotten a pretty mixed reaction that’s been generating a lot of discussion around the web. I wanted to make a video that wasn’t about Albion Online anyway, so I took the chance to hop into the game’s multiplayer (a spoiler free venue) to have an informal talk about my thoughts on the game so far while showing off a bit of the multiplayer gameplay.

This is definitely a let’s play and not an organized review, so it’s a bit rambling at points, but I hope you find it entertaining. If you do, be sure to click through to YouTube to hit those like and subscribe buttons so you can stay up to date on my continued dabbling with video formats. Thanks!


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