Let’s Play | Albion Online, Ep 06: Entering the Melee

Episode 6 of my Albion Online Galahad Beta Let’s Play series. My bow build is ready for Tier 4, but my wallet isn’t. Let’s take a look at some melee gameplay while I work on getting the funds to kit out my main build.

Unfortunately the audio gets pretty out of sync towards the end of the video, which I wasn’t able to correct on this episode, but I am working on getting fixed going forwards. The source output from OBS is fine, but apparently something goes to shit when I’m working with longer clips in the editor. I’m currently experimenting with re-encoding using Handbrake at a constant FPS instead of a variable one going forward to see if that helps. I might also toy with recording in formats other than FLV. It’s hard learning new skills!

If you’re enjoying the series so far, be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons so I know to keep it up!


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