Let’s Play | Albion Online, Ep 01: Getting Started and Learning the Basics

I’ve launched a YouTube channel. My continued experimentation with video formats is getting worse by the day, and it seemed natural that starting to actually use my Twitch channel should be followed with setting up a YouTube channel. So I did!

I’m kicking it all off with a Let’s Play series from the first few days of Albion Online‘s final beta, which Sandbox Interactive is calling Galahad. The first video shows clips from my first experiences in the game while I talk about what exactly Albion Online is and what it’s going to offer once players progress further into its world.

I’m going to try to keep these pretty focused as I don’t want to be dumping hours of unedited footage onto YouTube – I doubt anyone wants to watch that. I’ll keep these relatively short, focused on one or two related activities, and I’m going to be cutting out any periods of gameplay where I’m not doing or saying anything of particular interest. In other words, yes, there will be some quality control here to try to make sure I’m not wasting anybody’s time.

With that said, please enjoy my first YouTube video. If you enjoy it, like and subscribe for more down the line!


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