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Around two weeks ago I started to get the sense that something was up on Twitter. An account for what appeared to be a new games media site was starting to tweet stuff out, and a lot of familiar faces from the MMO scene were following it – specifically, a lot of people involved with A tweet from Robert Lashley seemed to confirm – their team was branching out on a new project that wouldn’t be as limited in scope as the original site.

I think we’ve all noticed the trend of MMO sites covering decidedly non-MMO games. It started with MOBAs and ARPGs – a defensible encroachment, I believe – but it’s expanded over the years to where single player RPGs and even Telltale’s games are sometimes being covered in the ostensibly MMO media.

It doesn’t take a genius to piece together that the recent lull in the MMO market has left sites dedicated to the genre in a tough spot. As development in the MMO market has contracted, so has both the amount of news to cover and the number of readers interested in that increasingly narrow slice of gaming. The MMO media did what it had to – it expanded into peripherally related genres.

The project to create, to me, seems like a group of MMO media veterans admitting that the narrow focus of our specialist media has maybe been pushed a little too far, and that the smart choice in the face of the need to expand is to embark on an entirely new, but closely related project that isn’t as limited in scope. And you know what, I’m on board with that. So on board I decided to join that project myself.

So for the MMO veteran looking for a broader source of news, keep your eyes on While I have no plans of slowing my writing on (quite the opposite, in fact) or shifting my primary focus to other genres, I’m excited by the prospect of expanding my own scope with a team of like-minded writers whose work I’ve followed for years.

Keep an eye out for my debut article some time next week on


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