The Elder Scrolls Online Gets an Expansion


Yesterday the Elder Scrolls Online announced its first expansion, Morrowind. I’ve long had a complicated relationship with the game, having played off-and-on since the very first beta we weren’t even allowed to tell anyone was happening.

The relationship meandered off and on since then, from deciding to pass on the game at launch to eventually returning after, against all expectations, the team at ZeniMax hunkered down on a long and arduous journey of progressive gameplay improvements. I played off and on during that journey, checking in here and there with releases like the Champion System and One Tamriel. The game itself has improved immensely in that time, with my only real complaint being the near-complete omission of cosmetic collectibles outside of the game’s horribly bloated cash shop. Well, that and the cash shop itself, but that’s been covered already.

So with the announcement of the game’s expansion, the first time I’ll have to spend money in excess of a subscription to continue my involvement with the game, the question arose – am I invested enough in the game to walk down that path with them?

eso-dwarven-colossusI mean, hell yeah I am, have you seen that dwarven colossus statue that comes in the collector’s edition? Isarii needs that shit on his nerd shelf.

In all seriousness though, it’s been obvious that pretty much since Orsinium, the developers have struggled with finding a financially viable way to release large chunks of content into the game. Given that Orsinium was one of the best things to ever happen to this game, I’m more than willing to them the benefit of the doubt on a model that will allow them to not just match that, but to go even bigger.

I’m in. See you all in Morrowind.

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