A Return to Tamriel and Podcasting News


Although I normally try to stick to content that leans more towards article content than blog content, today’s post is going to be unabashedly bloggy. I’ve been up to a lot stuff recently that hasn’t shown up on The Errant Penman yet, so I bundled it all up into a single post tackling it all at once. Read on for an MMO update, fan site work, and links to podcast appearances both past and future!

A Return to Tamriel


Stealing stuff is my new favorite MMO system.

First off, I’ve decided to take a break from my rigorous schedule of complaining about MMOs to actually play one – a bold and inventive idea, I know. I last played The Elder Scrolls Online about a year ago. The Champion System had just been implemented, but needed a bit of refinement before it could be considered a healthy addition to the game. Although I saw plenty of signs at the time that the game was turning itself around, some of the balance problems the game faced at the time – particularly those stemming from the Champion System’s endless progression – were enough to demoralize me into putting the game on the shelf for a time. Over the last year those problems were squashed and my suggested fixes were mostly implemented, so I figured I’d check it out again.

So I did, and things are pretty solid right now. Granted, the game is still woefully single player in almost every way, but it’s at least doing a decent job of that now. The Orsinium and Thieves Guild single player elements are a notch above everything offered to solo players in the base game, and the Dark Brotherhood looks to be headed that way as well.

It’s still not the game an Elder Scrolls MMO should have been – that’s to say a PvE sandbox with episodic story updates – but it’s something I can enjoy, at least.

Tamriel Foundry Revival

TF LogoBy pure happenstance, my return to Tamriel coincided with a behind the scenes effort by certain Tamriel Foundry community members to revive the site’s front page. I was thrilled to see this happening and have been hard at work since getting the machine rolling again. We’ve got an excellent new series on datamining underway from the ESO subreddit’s u/dominoid73, have partnered with the wonderful Elloa to feature her ESO News series, and are working on keeping the site up to date with news posts and new content regularly. We’ve got a new interview with ZeniMax on Dark Brotherhood skill changes on the way, so stay tuned to TF for more information!

QueueTimes Podcast Appearances

I’ve always enjoyed guesting on podcasts. You just show up, shoot the shit for a bit, then leave the host on their own to do all the hard work like editing; it’s great! Having never been a fan of sounding like Darth Vader in a wind tunnel, I recently upgraded my mic setup substantially to give me a bit more freedom to work with content creators who aren’t writers.

First up, I took a turn on two of QueueTimes‘s podcasts.

The first, Quarter Up!, is a broadly focused podcast where the hosts discuss the week’s general gaming news.

Having enjoyed that, I stuck around for their MMO specific show as well, /Yell.

I had a fantastic time hanging out with these guys and highly recommend giving them a look if you’re interested in picking up a new gaming or MMO podcast.

Dungeon Crawler Network Podcast Appearance

DCN Tales of Tamriel Header

And I’m not done yet! Tune in this Sunday morning at 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 14:00 GMT for my guest appearance on the Dungeon Crawler Network’s Tales of Tamriel podcast, streaming live on YouTube.

We’ll be discussing several interesting pieces of Elder Scrolls Online news this week before forging off into the week’s discussion topic and personal tales from Tamriel. Check out the full post on Tamriel Foundry for all of the details.

Update – link to the podcast:

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