Remembering Everquest: Next

With Everquest: Next now officially cancelled, I think it’s worth resharing my thoughts from when I originally declared the title dead back in January.

Even though it never got a chance to see the light of day, EQ:N still managed to be an influential MMO through sheer strength of ideas, and I hope those ideas live on to surpass their progenitor.

The Errant Penman


It’s a funny title to write. The game isn’t really officially dead, after all. Hell, I’m not even sure that it could ever really have been considered alive, but here we are, entering into 2016, and it seems that all hope has been truly abandoned.

Most notable among those who have abandoned all hope are the folks behind EQNexus, which, beyond being my fan site of choice for the formerly promising game, was also the second website I ever contributed to – back even before I began sharing my thoughts on The Errant Penman. This gives the site a special place in my heart, and I was sad to discover its passing when trying to access an old article of mine.

I think I would consider Everquest: Next to be one of my personal most influential MMOs, which is an admittedly bizarre thing to say about a vaporware title. When I first…

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