Crowfall: Eppur si muove

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Early this morning the Kickstarter for Crowfall, ArtCraft Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG, reached its close, seeing nearly 17,000 backers push it to achieve over double the requested funding, arriving solidly in place as the 15th most funded video game in Kickstarter history after earning total pledges just shy of $1.8 million.

Crowfall markets itself as “Game of Thrones meets EVE Online“, blending long forgotten features from past MMOs in the development team’s history like Star Wars GalaxiesUltima Online, and Shadowbane. These are features for which many MMO veterans (such as myself) have clamored for over the past years, watching frustrated as AAA studios produced stagnant MMOs following the WoW-formula, unwilling to believe that any value lay in this and similar feature-sets. Eppur si muove.

Crowfall - Kickstarter Banner

For those that want to know what it’s all about, a full Hobo Gamer write-up can be expected within the coming days. However, I’ll first be writing up an article inspired by a recent Reddit thread that brought up some old memories, priming me for exactly the type of experience that MMOs once delivered, and that Crowfall promises to bring back.

Stay tuned…

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