Questing IRL: On the Oregon Trail

Mount Hood

As my blog feed has fallen silent as of late, regular readers may be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. Given that I foresee the dry stretch continuing for a bit longer, I feel the question is worth addressing; where has Isarii been? I’ll answer this in my first post in the incredibly nerdily named IRL update series, Questing IRL.

First of all, I would like to assure you all that I am not dead, a circumstance I am sure will elate far less people than it disappoints. In recent weeks, I have undertaken a great adventure – to move down from my Colorado mountain home to a greener land by the sea: Oregon. So far this has gone pretty well, considering I did it with no job, no plan, and no friends or family in the area beyond those I know from gaming.

Fried Chicken

Though I did come down with authentic Oregon Trail “dysentery” from some fried chicken I ate on the way. Nothing better than gastric distress on a road trip.

This has probably been the most interesting portion of the journey so far. I was initially wary of meeting people from the internet, having never done so before, but everyone has turned out to be incredibly pleasant and socially competent as well. I suppose this could be a product of the social nature of MMOs themselves; had I been into MOBAs or played on Xbox Live, I shudder to think of the monstrosities I could have met up with.

As for the actual move, I have settled into a rental in the Portland area, having found a reasonable house with a backyard for our Corgi, Doomhowl.

Doomhowl and Portrait

Pictured here with his portrait.

And so begins the great Portland job hunt. With little direction for my future beyond “not public accounting”, I now must find a source of money if I wish to stay here.

Idiocracy - I Like Money

Also this.

With the job hunt underway, I am obviously going to be left with a little less free time for MMOs and blogging. No, that is not why this post is so image heavy as to resemble the recent fad of Buzzfeed emulating dreck in most online media; if all goes well, it will only be a step down in quantity, not quality.

In that respect, my ArcheAge coverage will likely come to an end. While, recent questionable terrible changes aside, I have a great fondness for the game, it’s just not the type of game one can enjoy on a casual schedule.

So what’s in store for future content?


This was basically my face when I gave in agreed to give Wildstar a try.

Well, I still need to return to The Secret World to see the new Tokyo content. I’ve also had a couple of Wildstar guest passes foisted on me, so I first plan to give it a try for a week to see if anything sticks. While the game is a themepark, it may just have a shot of kindling early-WoW nostalgia in me, and for a casual endeavor, its elder game collectibles may well be enough to keep me entertained. In either event, it’s likely that we’ll see a return of my Hobo Gamer series.

Signing out for now.

– Isarii

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