Presenting Hobo Gamer: The Search for an MMO Home

Source: Black Desert

Lead me on to greener pixels.

Though my farewell to TESO is still picking up steam, I want to turn away from the negativity of the past and begin my journey into what I hope will be a bright new future. In my last year with Tamriel Foundry, I focused heavily on The Elder Scrolls Online, learning a great deal about that game to the neglect of a lot of other upcoming titles. With my decision to move on comes some much needed time to play catch-up and prepare for the upcoming journey into a new virtual world – a journey I expect will be an adventure in and of its own right.

If there’s anything RPGs have taught me, it’s that adventures are best done with a party. That’s you. Let’s do this.

Source: Mass Effect 3

Be warned that certain RPGs have set the bar really, really high for party members.

In the upcoming series of posts, I’ll be taking a quick look at MMOs that interest me and that just might interest you too. As these are going to be quick glimpses of games I am not yet dedicated to, I cannot guarantee the level of thoroughness that my Tamriel Foundry readers will be used to, though I will always strive for accuracy. Expect quick overviews of features that interest me, features that turn me away, and questions or doubts I still have.

So let’s hear some suggestions. Even without solicitation, I have already received many suggestions from the community and have been looking into each and every single one. Black Desert has quickly risen to the top of my favorite suggestions, so you can look forward to a brief overview of its announced features as the first installment of Hobo Gamer, coming within the next few days. Bring on some more though, I want to hear what you guys are interested in. Reach me through your medium of choice and let me know what you’re thinking.

I do want to pre-address a popular suggestion: Wildstar. As the prime competitor to The Elder Scrolls Online, its imminent release makes it a popular switch for many people, but I am not included among their numbers. Contrary to what my stance on TESO‘s API changes has lead people to believe, I am not interested in World of Warcraft or games that are overly derivative of it. While Wildstar definitely looks to be a fine addition to the traditional themepark MMORPG market (my Collectibles and Non-Combat Progression in TESO post may as well have been titled “Things Wildstar is Doing that Other Subscription MMOs Should”), that’s simply a market I am not interested in participating in at this time. I have tried its beta briefly – not long enough to form an opinion worth listening to, but long enough to know it’s not a game I’m interested in.

So with that out of the way, let me know what you want to see! Leave a comment or hit me up through Twitter or e-mail using the links on the menu above.

7 thoughts on “Presenting Hobo Gamer: The Search for an MMO Home

    • I have not. It seems a bit standard themepark fare to me, but I do like games with multi-classing systems a lot. I think I’ll look into it a bit more. It shouldn’t be too hard seeing as the game is actually released (which will be a novel concept for me).


  1. FFXIV Was a lot of fun .. and if my gaming compadres had come along with me I would have stayed a lot longer .. Unfortunatley for me, my circle absolutely despised the game, having been in FFXIV 1.0 and refused to join me even though ARR was VASTLY improved…. oh well if my peeps aint with me It just doesn’t feel the same..


  2. Honestly play whatever you find interesting or you think you would fun to write about. I would like you to look into Darkfall but once again whatever you do, Just do it. Waiting in anticipation.


    • So, I was going to write about Black Desert. I still might, but they just announced that PKing outside of sieges was only a bug. No open world PvP pretty much kills everything I liked about the game – barring PvP ruleset servers anyway.


      • Try Darkfall? It is out nominally is focused on PVP, and they released a new update. Just saying. Would really like to read anything you start really.


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