Hobo Gamer: Ashes of Creation

  I’ve been neglecting my Hobo Gamer series for awhile. Of all the content I create, these sprawling, exhaustive game overviews take by far the most time and effort to research and create. Add on top that they’re not monetized in any way, and what you get is an incredibly potent recipe for apathy. It’s…

Let’s Play | Crowfall, Ep 01: Getting Started

I’ve been a backer of Crowfall since its Kickstarter, but I haven’t spent too much time actually playing the game because of how early on the game is in its development. I wanted to hop in and have a look to see how the game is coming and talk a little bit about my general thoughts on the game and the current starter experience.

What BioWare Should Keep from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s much awaited launch saw the game release to an assault of criticism on topics ranging from the notable lack of polish to questionable design decisions all around. Even as an enormous fan of the series – I consider the original trilogy to be my favorite games of all time – I have to agree with the criticism. The most accurate description of my time with the game would be that of an enjoyable, but profoundly disappointing experience.