Tales of Tamriel

Tales of Tamriel, Ep 133: Return to Morrowind

Hype thrusters are set to maximum after The Elder Scrolls Online‘s first expansion was announced earlier this week, so I’m headed back to Tales of Tamriel for what’s certain to be some lively discussion on what we learned about the game’s future. After sharing our in game adventures for the week and diving far deeper…

The Dungeon Crawler Podcast

The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 002

The Dungeon Crawlers Episode 2: Too Much Salt – The MMORPG News and Discussion Podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join us as we cast light on the depths of online multiplayer gaming and bring you the latest news, lively genre meta discussions, and heated debates about the RPGs and MMORPGs that we so love! This week, the…


The Elder Scrolls Online Gets an Expansion

Yesterday the Elder Scrolls Online announced its first expansion, Morrowind. I’ve long had a complicated relationship with the game, having played off-and-on since the very first beta we weren’t even allowed to tell anyone was happening. The relationship meandered off and on since then, from deciding to pass on the game at launch to eventually returning after, against all…

The Dungeon Crawler Podcast

The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 001

I’m excited to announce that I’m collaborating with my friends over at the Dungeon Crawler Network as a co-host on their latest podcast, The Dungeon Crawlers. The new show is an MMO-genre focused with a live recording on Twitch every other Wednesday evening. We’ll be casting light on the depths of online multiplayer gaming and…


Burnout in Warcraft’s Legion Expansion

The honeymoon is over. I came, I saw, I floundered, and after a few blissful months reimmersed in my old Azerothian stomping grounds, I’ve found myself completely sapped of the will to carry on.

Turns out I’m hardly alone in this. The forums and social media communities have been aflutter with a consternation regarding the current state of the game. There’s been weeping, gnashing of teeth – you know, all the usual stuff. So where’s it all coming from?